Friday, January 3, 2014

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to actually write on my blog and to learn how to use the damn thing.

Last year I got a lot of sewing done, not all of it successful.  Although most of happened in the middle of the year.  I got bitten by the Fibro Dragon, I had a Hugh flare up that took me most of the year to get through it.  Right as I was getting to my normal Fibro pain, I was in a car accident.  On Christmas Eve no less.  Yay....not.  But the accident inspired my second resolution which was to stop torturing myself.  I have pain meds to help with the pain, but I usually don't take them.  I wanted to get to know my pain so I could tell when I hit a pain/energy wall.  I didn't want to over due it.  In 2014, my attitude will be screw it, why be in terrible pain if I don't have to.  Resolution number 3 is to plan my projects better.  My head is full of projects I want to complete, but I kept forgetting what I wanted to do and what fabric or yarn I wanted to do it in.  Of course I have to add a weight loss resolution, cause I probably should.  I'm not really motivated, but what the hell, a change in my diet might help with my pain. If it works great if not, well I'll be thinner.

I plan to blog about once a month, adding my fails and successes.  I'll plan to add what I'm reading as well.  Why?  Why the hell not?

Well, happy sewing!

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