Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Star was Born!

I like to call myself the Kitchen Seamstress for a very simple reason.  My sewing room is the in the kitchen.  I've been married for half of my life.  I have two daughters, one 19 and one 17.  I also live with 2 Guinnea Pigs, 1 Chinchilla, 1 Bearded Dragon and 8 Hamsters.  Yep I have a pretty full house!

I started sewing about 15 years ago, just so I could make minor adjustments to clothes.  13 years ago, I developed Fibromyalgia and had to quit work.  I wasn't as mobile as I used to be, but I was used moving around.  I had to come up with a way to keep my mind busy during those times where my body was out of commission.  I bought out my crochet hooks and my collection of books.  I started crocheting and reading anything I could get my hands on.  One day I found an old book on learning to quilt.  I read it and though.t I could do that.  I had basic sewing skills and an old machine, so I just went for it.  And I got hooked!  Then I figured, what the heck try to sew something other then quilts.  A a star was born!